calling all musicians

Want to get your music heard on a roocast? It's easy.

If you're an Australian artist and control the rights to your music you can submit your songs to roocast to be included on one of our shows. If you are an independent act, signed or unsigned, or music publisher and want your music heard by a larger audience, we are happy to accept your submissions for consideration.

Our podcast presenters will select songs for inclusion on a roocast. You just agree that we have the permission to do so. All songs played on roocasts will give credit to the artist, label, or record company and our site will include more information links to you or your band's web site.

Roocast wants to help you promote your music to a wider audience using podcasts as the "new airplay".


And if you're an Australian artist who would like to get your music played on OMW, email Roocast HQ at, or save time and just send your CD with a completed Clearance Form (below) to:

I want to be on OMW
174 Cecil Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

When sending music to Roocast, please complete the Roocast Clearance Form (link below), indicate which songs you give us permission to play in our podcasts, and include it with the CD of your stuff.

Please include a URL to you or your band's web site. If your music gets picked to be included we will link to your site.

Although we love to hear from international artists, Roocast is for Australian artists only - however send us your CD's anyway, we can always do with more music in our collections!

Posted: August 12, 2005

Posted: August 04, 2005